Artist’s Statement

V I E W  &  E X P R E S S I O N

I spend roughly half my time in the country surrounded by the darkest nights, stormy skies, achingly beautiful fields and forests – complete quiet. The rest of the time I live in one of the best cities in the world – Toronto.


My work inquires and observes. Paintings are usually landscapes – sometimes whole vistas. I don’t recreate what I see, instead I paint what I feel when I experience a given place – the power and vitality – the emotion. I am an abstract expressionist. The distinction between art that resonates and art as purely decoration is the extent to which the work is an emotional response for the observer – are you drawn and engaged?

Painting has never been relaxing for me. The act of creating the work is stimulating and energizing. I submerge myself, forgetting about time and place…there is only the story that is materializing on my easel… To view a retrospective [1.5 minutes]:  The work of Nora Camps, Canadian painter, multimedia artist.

The expansive, unrelenting power of nature, contrasted with the churn and grind of surviving and thriving…this is the underpinning, the conversation that I paint over and over again using different stories but always it is my spontaneous response to living right through an experience and out the other side.

The work inquires and observes

What does the moment of decision look like? The moment where you have weighed all you have gathered in an effort to understand the opportunity. The painting Decision 1 is the moment when you are poised and ready to make the decision – just that moment of readiness… no further.

The painting From Ash is about renewal, about life coming from, out of and after destruction. It conveys harmony and balance with the crackle of energy made real by three-dimensional stippling. From Ash incorporates under-painting, stories under stories, through stories and over stories.

A departure from acrylic on canvas: Shroud Series 2-6. It begins with a series of photographs taken on Vancouver island. The rhythmic nature of the folds and the various depths and lines, the incredible texture and a certain mystical feeling felt familiar to me. These images printed on canvas and then over painted/overdrawn became sisters and brothers to my other work…sharing a mood–even though the medium was different, the method was the same. The Shrouds are sensual, they are private, and deeply personal.


All provisions were stowed. The course was charted. The sails were trimmed. I gave thanks for the favourable wind. Feeling gratitude to be leaving shore and heading for OPEN water. OPEN being a state of mind.


Reach out and touch them, turn them on their bases. Perhaps they will remind you of something you hold dear and want to keep close. These Totems are meant to be for your interior spaces. Each totem has a unique verse and imagery burnt onto the bass wood pole with carving and painting.


Landscape under calm sky in soft focus suggestive – there is no specific place and time. This is your place, your memory.

All work in the PAINTINGS area of the site are available. Click on each image for a description. 



You were born an artist. This is a story I shared with a class of 10 – 14 year old gifted students. The story applies to everyone regardless of age.
If you had a birthday in the last 365 days – this is the story of you.  AUDIO FILE