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Innocence and Bravery, an Exhibition of Paintings

August 32, 2022 -
September 12, 2022

Todmorden Mills Heritage Site

To be innocent is to 'do, create, make, or be' without wondering what others may think. A child's innocence is innate until it is lost. To lose innocence is to second-guess oneself or view oneself through the eyes of another. Likewise, bravery is moving, beginning, and working through without needing the favorable appraisal of others.

We, as artists, struggle with self-doubt and fear of criticism. Our creativity is stifled when we worry about what others may think or how our work will be received. However, true creative expression requires us to tap into our innate innocence and create without reservation.

In this extensive retrospective of Nora Camps' paintings, you feel the pulsating, hopeful, and ideological world that she inhabits with innocence and bravery.