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Warm Embrace 2

48" x 60",

Acrylic and resin on canvas


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“Warm Embrace with the white-rimmed gold orb and those strong colours of black and red and gold. It reminded me of Picasso actually–as well as the cover of Miles Davis’s Sketches of Spain.”
— George Elliott Clarke

I explore living, seeing, being. The work expresses ‘what it feels like to be….’ Sometimes that necessitates breaking every convention. Experience the work — its rawness speaks to you and you respond.
— Nora Camps

The Warm Embrace series of paintings are not scenes; neither are they set-ups. Instead, these paintings suggest a world that exists in some inner realm of existence. These paintings are actions that arise out of the magic of the artist’s persona; her intuitive and creative sense of well being. The result is visceral, tactile and immediate.

The painterly process in the Warm Embrace series is akin to breathing. With open sweeping movements of paint, Nora Camps carries a raw sense of organic connectedness and of physical embrace without end.

The thick textures and powerful presence of these works, testifies to the ahistorical, eternal source for Nora Camps art – nature and our place therein.

Abstract and figurative co-exist in these paintings, for they express the artist’s search for a fusion of art and life.

Here we see circles of time, and sense the continuity and connectedness in these highly textural paintings. Warm Embrace 1 evokes a sense of touch, of being at one with the earth. The tones and the simple undulating white line that moves along within the earth circle is like a story being told. At its centre, thick white circles build a textural reality to the whole piece. Warm Embrace 2 has a more graphic flair and a strong presence. As with the whole Warm Embrace series, the sense is of continuity, of a universal dance and of the magic of life when one feels connected to social and cultural world with nature as the medium.

As a point of departure, the Warm Embrace series expresses a sense of completion, and of being at one with oneself and the world. The embrace is figurative and the embrace is abstract. It exists in the magic of life, cannot be contained, and expresses the ephemeral and earth-based origins of the creative impulse. Intuition, like feeling, is ever-present in these paintings.
— John K. Grande